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❝ high-class commander ❞
16th-Aug-2010 05:41 pm
Since danilachan asked me to collect info about Kana I did it today (mostly at work hurrr). So, here it is, uncutted so if I break your f-list with this sorry then.

[EDIT] Cutted. :|


Name: Nanami Kana
Age: 17
Birthday: 7th September
Nationality: Japanese
Relationship: Single
Height: 165cm
Weight: 55kg
Voice actor of choice: Nakajima Megumi


Family status: Kana is an only child in a "typical" japanese family. They are not poor nor wealthy, but her parents are always on business trips so they rarely see each other. She tends to get very lonely, but she has Kazu, her kitty for this purpose. She loves him more than anything else and considers him as a sibling.

Appearance: Middle height, short black hair without a fringe, her hair clipped on the right side of her head with two lightblue clips. Big yellow eyes, small mouth, smooth skin, rosy cheeks. She has nice big breasts, fairly long legs, a little fat here and there, if she gains weight the fat will most likely go on her butt and that makes her upset all the time.

Personality: She never had problems with people, she's really outgoing and friendly with others. Maybe too friendly, people tend to get use of her näivity and blackmail her. When problems occur, she will just smile and accept anything. She has some friends in school, but they rarely meet outside the building, so she spends time mostly at home, doing chores and playing with games and her kitty. If there are special occassions and friends invite her out she'll gladly accept and most likely end up in a pub or a disco. She likes crowds and loud music so she'll most likely enjoy the night. She's a natural klutz, so it's better to keep her away from fragile things, she'll most likely break it. Or fall over and break a limb or something.
She has no idea what love is, since she spends most of her time alone. She can't handle flirting very well, she'd just blush and mumble something. Deep inside her heart she yearns for someone to teach her what love is, and she won't mind that someone's gender either. As long as she'd be loved, it doesn't matter.
She's a natural crybaby, she could start crying only from a little scratch on her body. She's very hissy too, if something goes different from her original plans she starts hissing immediately.

Hobbies: She really likes cleaning, it's her fave part of house chores. Singing is one of her biggest talents too, so writing songs are her fave way of spending time. She rarely has audience though. Actually she likes doing anything as long as she can be with other people around her. Dancing, playing computer games, shopping, anything a girl would like.

Clothing: Short skirt with stockings are a must and something nice and open for her upper body. She loves cute, frilly and girly clothes, shoes doesn't matter, she's not afraid of high heels either. She's a huge fan of accessoires, rings, necklaces, bracelets, but she's not really fond of earrings. Hairbands are lovely too~

Food: Although she lives alone that does not mean she can cook well. Most of the time if her parents won't leave food for her she just orders something or eats cup noodles. Not really healty but she's too lazy to learn cooking. Her fave foods are rice omelets, miso soup, sushi, onigiri and ice cream. She's really fond of udon in winter too.

Music: As long as it's music she loves everything. Well nearly everything. She hates jazz, country and surprizingly traditional japanese music. For example, she could fall asleep on a shamisen concert. Her songs are mostly cheerful, bouncy and upbeat, but she likes slow romantic tunes too. One of her dreams is to become a singer, but she likes to stay in reality and knows that it has a really low chance.

Carreer: Aside from her dream to become a singer she's interested in biology and anything that can be related to nature. Humans, animal, plants, geology, anything. She wants to find a job in this area if she finishes school.
Her grades are good, not the best, but it's enough for her to get in a good university after highschool.

Other interesting facts:

- She's really afraid of thunderstorms, frogs, ghosts and insects.
- She's not really into anime or manga but she likes cosplaying as long as she gets a little attention. But she's not an attention whore.

- She can't play any instruments, but if she'd had the opportunity she'd play flute, chello or harp.
- She collects lingerie and she keeps this in secret because she finds it embarassing.
18th-Aug-2010 07:17 pm (UTC)
I really like you oc bb~
18th-Aug-2010 07:28 pm (UTC)
Thank you :3 People usually like her for her easy design.
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